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We join forces with to support refugees and their hosts

If you need accommodation as a refugee, you can apply to receive a voucher for free, short-term housing. If you host refugees at your place, you can become an Airbnb Host.
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How to help? In 4 steps:

  1. Check a map of locations where help is needed. When you click on a pin on the map you will see a collection. You can also browse collections in the gallery below the map.
  2. When you click on a collection you will see the refugees' story and a list of things they need.
  3. Click the Offer Help button and describe what you can offer.
  4. You can also support the authors of the collection with a financial donation β€” just select the amount and click on Donate.

How to receive support? In 5 steps:

  1. Register on the platform. You can do this conveniently using your Facebook or Google account or your email
  2. Click on the Request Help button at the top of the page.
  3. Describe the situation of the refugees you are helping. Write about the support you need.
  4. Add photos to help illustrate your fundraising efforts.
  5. Publish β€” Done! Your collection is now visible. Share it on your social media to get noticed by as many people as possible!

Remember! When you receive some of the items or help, write about it in the comments of your collection!

Let’s help them together!

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